Máy chà sàn HY45C

Máy chà sàn HY45C

Mã SKU : HY45C
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■Drive mechanism design makes detergent-changing more convenient
■Adjustable water sucker can touch the floor tightly and work efficiently
■Manipulation is quite easy with all switches on the operating handle
■Joystick can be stacked,split-style water tank design ,transport more convenient

HY45C Technical Specification
gross weight:88.7kg
net weight:59kg
water sucker:760mm
brush diameter:455mm(18")
floor motor:550W
brush pressures:25kg
water sucker motor:400W
brush rotation speed:170r/mir
power line length:18m
cleaning width:455mm
cleaning rate:1600m²/h
clean water tank capacity:42L
dirty water tank capacity:42L

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