Máy chà sàn HY85B

Máy chà sàn HY85B

Mã SKU : HY85B
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■Humanized design, driving comfort, nimble, high cleaning efficiency;
■Powerful suction motor synchronous pumped sewage, ultra-quiet design to reduce operator and noise impacts on the surrounding environment;
■Machines set up automatic and manual modes of operation, high efficiency and clean thoroughly.
■The machine is suitable for municipal building ground, a large waiting room, a large plaza, supermarket, factory floor and other uses, to meet the different needs of the environment.

HY85B Technical Specification:
net weight:590kg
gross weight:669kg
working efficiency:1300~1500m²/h
width of suction head:1150mm
working width:850mm
washing brush diameter(quantity):410X2
washing brush speed:150rpm/min
washing brush pressure:60kg
washing brush voltage:36V
washing brush power:550W
running motor voltage:36V
running motor power:900W
running speed:0-6km/h
maximum gradeability:10°
suction motor voltage:36V
suction motor power:560W
clean water tank volume:130L
sewage tank volume:125L
run duration:6h
battery capacity:6V  310VH

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