Máy đánh bóng sàn đa chức năng PBD2A

Máy đánh bóng sàn đa chức năng PBD2A

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■The stone machine is an equipment specially designed for renewing and crystallizing of the stone.To ensure crystal effect,the stone renewing and crystallizing process requires the machine with some weight running at specific rotating speed.If overweighing a common polish machining,this will reduce its service life,while the stone brightness may be low or uneven due to uneven distribution of the weight.PBD2A is designed specially for stone renewing
■Equipped with 2P horsepower,it has powerful torsion force to withstand the resistance from stone treatment
■Its 70 kg dead weight can provide adequate pressure on the stone surface,making the renewing and treatment process more effective
■To ensure safe operation, this machine is provided with safety ON/OFF lock key
■Accessories:main body,handle,water tank,pad holder,driving plate

PBD2A Technical Specification
main machine head package size:610X460X400mm
handle package size:400X120X1180mm
gross weight:79.5kg
net weight:76.5kg
power line length:12m
base plate diameter:436mm
power line length:12m

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