Máy đánh bóng sàn HY1A

Máy đánh bóng sàn HY1A

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■The handle features convenient operation and can conti -nuously work for a long time
■Adopt original imported technology with eccentric prop -erty to assure balanced weight and eccentric force
■Reduce the waste of detergent with central water convey, improve the cleaning efficiency
■The planet gear is made of high density and wear resistant nylon steel and boasts low noise and long service life
■The base is made of quality aluminum alloy and is solid and durable
■It is especially suitable for cleaning the carpet,floor, low speed polishing for various types of floor and refitting of stone surface for hotels,restaurants, office buildings and exhibition halls
■Accessories:soft brush,hard brush,pad holder,water tank

HY1A Technical Specification
power line length:12m
base plate diameter:17"
net weight:34.5kg

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